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Sokola Rimba, Butet Manurung

Butet Mengajar 2

Do you know Patriotees, who is the Indonesian who had been awarded the Asian Heroes of TIME magazine?

Yes, she Butet Manurung.

Butet Manurung is one heroine who has the courage to fight for education for rural communities. She is crowned as an  Asian Hero by Time magazine in 2004.

The women whose real name is Saur Marlina Manurung  in 2003 begin pioneering free school for isolated communities and develop an education system that is named Sokola  Rimba. Sokola Rimba (forest school) which she built is not a formal school that typically exist in society. Sokola it is only a small hut-shaped without walls that are nomadic.


Sokola Rimba (forest school) which she built is not a formal school that typically exist in society. Sokola it is only a small hut-shaped without walls that are nomadic.

 Sokola Rimba  system which she has developed is now also applied in some remote areas in Indonesia. Butet willing to live for months in the interior of the jungle in order to teach the inland people  to be able to read and write, so as not to be considered as the ignorant and gullible.

Butet Manurung

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Son of Kediri , The Inventor 4G Network

Prof. Dr. Khoirul Anwar is a top scientist in Japan which originated from Dusun Jabon, Desa Juwet, Kecamatan Kunjang, Kabupaten Kediri, East Java. He is the inventor and patent owner of OFDM-based 4G technology (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing).

The professor who are born in Kediri in 1978 found a method of communication that is faster with fewer energy within limitations.

He reduces the transmission power on orthogonal frequency division multiplexing. As a result, the speed of data sent instead of declining as usual, but actually increased. Results of these studies were able to lower the power to 5dB = 100 thousand times smaller than the previously required.


Currently, Prof. Khoirul lives with his wife and three sons in Nomi, Ishikawa. All 3 of his children fulfill arithmetic progression formula with difference of 1.5 years. Success in a foreign country does not make it forget the homeland. One day he would return to Indonesia after grabbing a lot of knowledge abroad.

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PatrioteesME Batch 1 – September 2014

T-shirt distribution for street children has been carried out in September 2014 along with Community Satoe Atap in Semarang


A bit profile of SATOE ATAP Community Semarang

SATOE ATAP is a social community that is engaged in the care of street children and the urban poor. Their main activity is  learning together every week, enrollment assistance for formal school, bazaar, free milk and others. You can check here Patriotees Facebook Satoe Atap
Twitter @satoeatap
Contact Person 085741715751

satoe atap

Happy smile and carefree laughter clearly visible from the street children face, and the smile reflects the happy smile of the Patriotees who have given little happiness for street children by buying #PatrioteesMe package


#PatrioteesME Campaign is a campaign that starts from the unrest that bothered us as a clothing brand with the theme of Indonesia.

Whether we’ve done real action to Indonesia? In addition to spreading the spirit of love Indonesia through the medium of clothing, we would like to invite Patriotees to participate in real action for Indonesia by giving more meaning for each of those who buy and use products Be Proud Of Indonesia.


You have a similar societies engaged in caring street children Patriotees? Send profile of the community you belong to email

#PatrioteesME – Be Patriotees Like A Patriot

PatrioteesME is a campaign started from our concerns as a clothing brand that elevates Indonesian themes. What’s the real action that we have done for Indonesia? In addition to spreading the spirit of Love Indonesia via the clothing of course.

Through this campaign we hope to give more meaning, for every Indonesian who buy and use the product of Be Proud of Indonesia.


What the heck is #PatrioteesME ? Check the image below ‘kay


Every purchase of 1 PatrioteesME Package is equal to giving a new T-shirt for street children. Be Proud of Indonesia will cooperate with communities assisting street children. Distribution of the new T-shirt is made periodically during the mentoring programs by these communities (teaching, prayer together, travel, etc.).


By providing a new T-shirt free of charge to street children will make them smile for a moment amid the severity of life.


Come help us provide a real action to Indonesia!

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