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Coral reefs are one of the main components of coastal and marine resources. Coral reefs and all life in it is one of the natural wealth of the Indonesian nation which is priceless.


It is estimated that there are extensive coral reefs of more than 60,000 km2 in the waters of Indonesia, which is spread from waters of the Western Region Indonesia to eastern Indonesia. An example is the coral reef ecosystem in the waters of Maluku and Nusa Tenggara.

Indonesia is home to about 1/8 of world coral reefs and is a country rich in diversity of aquatic biota compared with other countries in Southeast Asia.


The stretch of coral reefs of the largest and richest in terms of number of species of coral, fish, and mollusks found in the Indo-Pacific region that stretches from Indonesia to Polynesia and Australia and to the west that is the Pacific Ocean to East Africa. Patriotees we must guard Coral Reef Sustainability. The existence of coral reefs is to be something very important for the marine ecosystem. In addition to being barrier of abrasion before it swept the coast, coral reefs are also a very important habitat as fish house. Moreover, the uniqueness of the reef has become its own beauty and useful as a travel destination or the location of diving, and of course as a research site.


Patriotees, this is a simple way for us also take part in the preservation of coral reefs.

  1. If you’re diving or snorkeling in the sea, do not hit the reef
  2. Do not buy souvenirs or items made from coral or other marine creatures.
  3. Dispose of waste in place, do not pollute the marine environment
  4. If you have a saltwater aquarium, be sure to buy fish that are not captured by using poison.
  5. Join marine conservation agencies.

Let us keep the natural heritage that is very beautiful. Do not forget to share your friends.


Do you know Patriotees? In the 1950s there was a group of Indonesian Band which are successful going International

The Tielman Brothers


They are one of the pioneer of rock ‘n’ roll in the Netherlands, and is well known in Europe with a genre called indorock. Indorock itself is a combined genre of Western music and Kroncong!


Tielman Brothers is believed to first introduce rock music before The Beatles. The stage action they are known is always attractive and entertaining. They performed while jumping, rolling, and featuring a charming guitar, bass, and drums actions

Andy Tielman, the frontman, even believed to have popularized the attractions of playing the guitar with his teeth, behind the head or in the back of the body well before Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page or Ritchie Blackmore.

Let’s watch their actions here

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Do you know Patriotees?

What native Indonesian Sports is known in the world?


photo: deviantart (indra15)

Yes. Pencak Silat, Sport derived from Malay tribe culture (Not Malaysia) is one of the sport original to Indonesia. Silat derived from Malay tribe culture, which is the population of people who lived in the coast of Sumatra and the Malaka peninsula. The development and spread of Silat historically began to be recorded when the spread is heavily influenced by the Ulama along with the spread of Islam in the 14th century in the archipelago.



photo: thejourney

At that time silat have been taught together with religious lessons at the mosque. Silat then developed beyond martial arts and folk dance, Silat became part of the state defence training to confront the invaders. Besides, Silat also become part of spiritual practice.

This martial art has now begun to spread throughout the world. Currently the parent organization of Pencak Silat, which is PERSILAT (Pencak Silat Inter-Nation Alliance) has recorded 33 Pencak silat organizations in the world. Silat is also an official sports which is contested in the event the SEA Games.

For now Kemenpora continue to lobby so that the Silat which is original culture of Indonesia could be listed in UNESCO and contested in the World Olympic. Proud Indonesia! Pencak silat hopefully be as popular as Taekwondo / Karate.

One of the Indonesian Film which increase the popularity of Pencak Silat martial art. Surely you know right Patriotees?


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ITS TIME TO SHARE WITH Rumah Pintar Bangjo

Street children are a portrait of suburban children very often encountered on highways or corner of the city. Exploitation is close to their lives when their parents intentionally or unintentionally making the stifling economic reasons to employ them at a very early age. It’s not like they got no dream, but they must bury it deep because there are more pressing needs, they have to find money to eat.

Be Proud of Indonesia as clothing works with the theme of love Indonesia, wants to contribute by getting Patriotees to share with street children by participating in “Its Time to Share with Be Proud of Indonesia”, by purchasing a product from Be Proud of Indonesia (any design) is equal to give 1 new tshirt for street children and some of the sales turnover during the month of Ramadan until August will be donated to children street. Which will be distributed in August in collaboration with Bangjo Smart House.

Bangjo Smart House is an organization under the IPPA Central Java (Indonesian Family Planning Association) aimed at the public in the fulfillment of the rights of street children in the areas of education and health services. While the specific goal is to improve access to alternative educational services and health care for street children and to improve government and community support in the efforts to fulfill the rights of street children. Smart House BangJo Semarang, is expected to become an alternative education center for children (0-18 years) and adolescents (19-24 years) who are in the area of Johar market in Semarang.

At any rate, children are the future generation that must be considered so that Indonesia will not lost the candidates who will glorify the name of Indonesia in the future.

On August 15, 2015, Bangjo Smart House has successfully hosted an event with the theme of National Children’s Day “500 gifts for them”. The new T-shirts and stationery gift of Be Proud of Indonesia and some gifts from other donors has been distributed to the children.

Here are pictures of their happiness


Thank you for Smart Houses Bangjo Semarang who has been channeling “It’s Time To Share with Be Proud of Indonesia” Program. Thanks to all patriotees who have supported this program.


Surfing at the beach is a natural thing, but you know Patriotees?

In Indonesia, you can surf on the river!


This is one natural wonder precisely in Kampar, Riau. Although in the river, surfing on Kampar River is not easy. Just imagine, the high waves can reach up to 4 to 6 meters. The wavelength can reach 300 meters!


Bono waves, wave of Bono is the name for the waves in the Kampar River, village of Teluk Meranti, Pelalawan, Riau. These waves are excellent with the title of Seven Ghost (Seven Ghosts Wave). Bono wave name was already popular among local and international surfers. Bono waves created by the meeting of the river and ocean currents. Coupled with wind and cliffs on either side, producing the sound of pounding waves that would make goosebumps.



Patriotees Do you know the name of this beautiful flower?


Kimilsungia flower, Kimilsungia orchid is a hybrid orchid cultivars. It is “dendrobium” of Indonesian native of South Sulawesi. The name “Kimilsungia” was created by President Soekarno, by combining the words of Kim IL Sung and Indonesia.

Flower-style diplomacy by Bung Karno to tie the cooperation with North Korea is proved to be quite effective. Because for the people of North Korea, orchid Kimilsungia given by Indonesia was reflected fully in eternity flower who always blooms in the five continents.

There is an interesting story in the naming process of these Kimilsungia flower Patriotees. Starting from a diplomatic visit from North Korean President Kim IL Sung to Indonesia, 13 April 1965. At that time, to please his guests who is celebrating his birthday, President Soekarno invited Kim IL Sung to take a walk in the Bogor Botanical Garden, to enjoy a variety of plant species typical of Indonesia. When they were passing near orchids, Kim IL Sung was struck by the beauty of the orchid from South Sulawesi which are blooming.


This moment is utilized by President Soekarno by plucking the orchid and giving it as a birthday present to the guest. Sukarno then gave the name to the flowers Kimilsungia. Since then Kimilsungia is immortalized as North Korea’s national interest, as well as a symbol of friendship between Indonesia and North Korea.

Not only President Kim Il Sung, but the people of North Korea was also delighted with the gift. In North Korea, the orchid plants have kept them preserved and developed so that the quality is getting better and better. According to some sources, in North Korea, orchid Kimilsungia can now produce six to seven flowers on each stalk. While in Indonesia only has three flowers per stalk.

Until now in North Korea have always held Kimilsungia Flower Festival, the festival is an annual event organized by the North Korean government. For those who want to see orchid Kimilsungia certainly do not have to come to North Korea, because the flowers can be seen in the Bogor Botanical Gardens.

Are you also fascinated by the beauty of this flower Patriotees? Wow Indonesia #PatrioteesME

Source: farmingschool, marcnorthkorea


Do you know Patriotees?

Angklung, a traditional Indonesian musical instrument from West Java was designated as the “Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” (Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Man) by UNESCO since 2010 you know?


MAccording to UNESCO, Angklung qualified as world intangible cultural heritage among other things is because, angklung is an important part of the cultural identity of communities in West Java and Banten.

This musical art contains the basic values of cooperation, mutual respect and social harmony. Have you ever played this instrument Patriotees? Proud to be Indonesia!

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The song titled Bengawan Solo is a famous Indonesian song with kroncong rhythmic composed by Gesang. Created in 1940, this song was inspired from an original river of the same name in Central Java. The lyrics describe the river with a nostalgic style.

After World War II, Japanese troops who returning to their home country brought this song with them. The song became popular in the country and has been sung by various singers, including Toshi Matsuda. Want to know what kind of song it is Patriotees? Please buffer here, it is a truly remarkable song to listen to.

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Why do We Must Love Domestic Product?

aku cinta produk indonesiaDo you know Patriotees?

Using products made by our own country and reduce the consumption of imported goods, is one simple way to help strengthen the Rupiah.

This small step will save the real sector, small businesses will also be developed. The welfare of domestic producers will rise, and then the purchasing power is also automatically lifted.

In the end do not forget to re-spend the domestic products, right Patriotees?

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