Do you know?

Coral reefs are one of the main components of coastal and marine resources. Coral reefs and all life in it is one of the natural wealth of the Indonesian nation which is priceless.


It is estimated that there are extensive coral reefs of more than 60,000 km2 in the waters of Indonesia, which is spread from waters of the Western Region Indonesia to eastern Indonesia. An example is the coral reef ecosystem in the waters of Maluku and Nusa Tenggara.

Indonesia is home to about 1/8 of world coral reefs and is a country rich in diversity of aquatic biota compared with other countries in Southeast Asia.


The stretch of coral reefs of the largest and richest in terms of number of species of coral, fish, and mollusks found in the Indo-Pacific region that stretches from Indonesia to Polynesia and Australia and to the west that is the Pacific Ocean to East Africa. Patriotees we must guard Coral Reef Sustainability. The existence of coral reefs is to be something very important for the marine ecosystem. In addition to being barrier of abrasion before it swept the coast, coral reefs are also a very important habitat as fish house. Moreover, the uniqueness of the reef has become its own beauty and useful as a travel destination or the location of diving, and of course as a research site.


Patriotees, this is a simple way for us also take part in the preservation of coral reefs.

  1. If you’re diving or snorkeling in the sea, do not hit the reef
  2. Do not buy souvenirs or items made from coral or other marine creatures.
  3. Dispose of waste in place, do not pollute the marine environment
  4. If you have a saltwater aquarium, be sure to buy fish that are not captured by using poison.
  5. Join marine conservation agencies.

Let us keep the natural heritage that is very beautiful. Do not forget to share your friends.