It is said that the history of krupuk (crackers) taken from a true story about a poor family with many children. So to survive they are willing to eat rice with sawut (shaved / shredded cassava).

Sawut making process, first of all cassava grated and then given water. After that, the grated cassava mixed with water is squeezed and the juice is taken. Then it is left to sediment. Then the sediment is dried and become starch. Then the flour is processed into krupuk, also called krupuk samiler.

This is the most delicious 5 Crackers in INDONESIA Patriotees! #cekidot

The most delicious crackers that exist in Indonesia, the first is

  1. Shrimp Crackers


Shrimp crackers are crackers made of tapioca flour dough and shrimp are finely mashed and given the spices and flavorings. The shrimp usually used is small shrimps or the rebon shrimp mashed until smooth.

It tastes delicious, crisp and savory very suitable to enjoy with your favorite food patriotees

  1. Kemplang Crackers


Kemplang is a kind of fish crackers typical of South Sumatra, which is made of tapioca flour or often referred as starch.

This crackers is made with burning process to produce soft, delicious, savory and crunchy flavors. It is usually accompanied by black chilli sauce and sour mixtures

  1. Skin Crackers


This skin crackers in some areas is often referred to as rambak or jengek. These crackers are crackers made of cowhide or buffalo mixed with flavored spices and flavorings.

These crackers is usually used as the main ingredient in cooking krecek. Crackers this one really delicious, crunchy and savory thus has many fans in Indonesia.

  1. Slummy Crackers (Kerupuk Melarat)


Slummy Crackers is one of the specialties of Cirebon and surroundings. This crackers are fried not using oil but using sand. It is typically sold with a variety of colors.

Perhaps because it is fried without using oil thus called Slummy Crackers (in the Java language = “poor”)

  1. Aci Crackers


This crackers that are usually sold in stalls or warteg is very familiar with to the people of Indonesia.

Usually white or yellow round shape curly, which is usually sold in a stall with blue-painted tin bearing the name of the maker manufacturers. The crackers have a variety of sizes ranging from small to jumbo.

Crackers = Really Indonesia agree? Patriotees,

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