Do you know Patriotees? Indonesia has a variety of traditional drinks which offers many benefits, especially for health. There are some Indonesian traditional beverage that is quite popular in the community

This is because in addition to its delicious taste and the effect of keeping the body warm, the drinks is believed to be able to maintain a healthy body, increasing the stamina, to help restore the condition of someone who is sick. Want to know what the drinks are? Let’s find out.

  1. STMJ


Beverages made from milk (Susu), eggs (Telur), honey (Madu), and ginger (Jahe) is certainly already familiar to you.

Drink this drink when you feel lethargic, tired and unwell. Drinking STMJ is believed to restore power, increase immunity and warms the body.

  1. Wedang jahe


Wedang Jahe or warm ginger water is apt consumed when the immune system has decreased, especially during the rainy season in which our body is quite vulnerable to various diseases such as flu. In addition, ginger drinks can help lower cholesterol levels, prevent potential stroke, up to the risk of heart attack

  1. Wedang ronde


Wedang Ronde is similar to ginger, but offers a different sensation. Wedang Ronde is a blend of ginger with balls of glutinous consisting of beans and sugar. Glutinous rice balls is quite chewy and tastes good. Bean contained in the glutinous rice balls also offers a myriad of good nutrition for the body, thus consuming wedang ronde, especially when the body is less fit is the right step.

  1. Bandrek


Traditional warm drinks originated from West Java also offers many health benefits. Just like other traditional beverages, bandrek quite effective in warming the body.

From the ingredients, it could be known that bandrek is a drink rich in benefits. Bandrek offers the fragrance of spices, consisting of cinnamon, lemongrass, clove, pandan, added sugar and a little salt.

  1. Bajigur


Another traditional drink of West Java is bajigur. Bajigur is a hot drink made from coconut milk, palm sugar, salt, and a little ginger. Sometimes, bandrek is usually also coupled with a slight cengkaleng (kolang- kaling) in its serving.

Bajigur is very suitable to be enjoyed when the weather is cold. Boiled peanuts, boiled bananas, and sweet potatoes are the proper ‘snack’ to accompany you while enjoying bajigur.

What is your favorite Indonesian drink?

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