Patriotees Do you know the name of this beautiful flower?


Kimilsungia flower, Kimilsungia orchid is a hybrid orchid cultivars. It is “dendrobium” of Indonesian native of South Sulawesi. The name “Kimilsungia” was created by President Soekarno, by combining the words of Kim IL Sung and Indonesia.

Flower-style diplomacy by Bung Karno to tie the cooperation with North Korea is proved to be quite effective. Because for the people of North Korea, orchid Kimilsungia given by Indonesia was reflected fully in eternity flower who always blooms in the five continents.

There is an interesting story in the naming process of these Kimilsungia flower Patriotees. Starting from a diplomatic visit from North Korean President Kim IL Sung to Indonesia, 13 April 1965. At that time, to please his guests who is celebrating his birthday, President Soekarno invited Kim IL Sung to take a walk in the Bogor Botanical Garden, to enjoy a variety of plant species typical of Indonesia. When they were passing near orchids, Kim IL Sung was struck by the beauty of the orchid from South Sulawesi which are blooming.


This moment is utilized by President Soekarno by plucking the orchid and giving it as a birthday present to the guest. Sukarno then gave the name to the flowers Kimilsungia. Since then Kimilsungia is immortalized as North Korea’s national interest, as well as a symbol of friendship between Indonesia and North Korea.

Not only President Kim Il Sung, but the people of North Korea was also delighted with the gift. In North Korea, the orchid plants have kept them preserved and developed so that the quality is getting better and better. According to some sources, in North Korea, orchid Kimilsungia can now produce six to seven flowers on each stalk. While in Indonesia only has three flowers per stalk.

Until now in North Korea have always held Kimilsungia Flower Festival, the festival is an annual event organized by the North Korean government. For those who want to see orchid Kimilsungia certainly do not have to come to North Korea, because the flowers can be seen in the Bogor Botanical Gardens.

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Source: farmingschool, marcnorthkorea