Distribution of PatrioteesME T-shirts  Good Tees Good Smile Phase 2 has been carried out, precisely in the date of January 29, 2015.

Still in the context of the celebration of Christmas and the new year, on this occasion we are working with Faith Communities Semarang for distributing T-shirts and stationery. Children are invited to play and worship together.

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#PatrioteesME Campaign is a campaign that starts from the unrest that bothered us as a clothing brand with the theme of Indonesia.

Whether we’ve done real action to Indonesia? In addition to spreading the spirit of love Indonesia through the medium of clothing, we would like to invite Patriotees to participate in real action for Indonesia by giving more meaning for each of those who buy and use products Be Proud Of Indonesia

You have a similar societies engaged in caring street children Patriotees? Send profile of the community you belong to email