This is the Indonesian People who went Global – Sehat Sutardja

Sehat Sutardja

Do you know Patriotees? If you currently use computers PC, iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry or any gadget, we can be sure it is using the processor / chip made by Marvell and Solstice’s discovery¬† in it. And you’d think the “Soul” of the computing was created and produced by intelligent foreigner scientists . You are mistaken, because the chip / processor that is used by almost everyone on earth is the findings of two citizens of Indonesian descent, Sehat Sutardja and Ivan Taslimson.

Sehat Sutardja has entered the ranks of the world’s richest man at the age of 35 years, according to Forbes Magazine and the BBC. Similarly Ivan Taslimson, at a very young age of 20 years, is reported to have become a world class billionaire. According to an interview from various magazines and sources at Bloomberg, he is someone who has great ability, but very humble. They have been covered by various international media and became known in many countries.

Many Indonesian people that we can make inspiration and motivation Patriotees!

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