Son of Kediri , The Inventor 4G Network

Prof. Dr. Khoirul Anwar is a top scientist in Japan which originated from Dusun Jabon, Desa Juwet, Kecamatan Kunjang, Kabupaten Kediri, East Java. He is the inventor and patent owner of OFDM-based 4G technology (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing).

The professor who are born in Kediri in 1978 found a method of communication that is faster with fewer energy within limitations.

He reduces the transmission power on orthogonal frequency division multiplexing. As a result, the speed of data sent instead of declining as usual, but actually increased. Results of these studies were able to lower the power to 5dB = 100 thousand times smaller than the previously required.


Currently, Prof. Khoirul lives with his wife and three sons in Nomi, Ishikawa. All 3 of his children fulfill arithmetic progression formula with difference of 1.5 years. Success in a foreign country does not make it forget the homeland. One day he would return to Indonesia after grabbing a lot of knowledge abroad.

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